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The Forces March

07 May 2011 15:03

This years Forces March will have a local man and his company there to help.


Have you heard the one about the property millionaire? Well the opportunities are still out there but take professional advice.


Our busy stressful lives can often affect our health and we should think about preventing problems before they get too serious.

Get fit the KLS way.

29 March 2011 09:38

If you want to get back in shape and have fun while you do it then speak to Katie.

We are under attack from a destructive force within.

We are under constant threat of attack from Moths. They destroy our most cherished clothes and cause great distress in the Spring.

Has the tough winter caused minor damage to your car?

Most cars have suffered from the really harsh conditions of the last winter and now is a good time to have the minor scuffs and scratches repaired.

Neck pain caused by Thoracic Outlet Syndrome T.O.S.

Thoracic Outlet Syndrome affect many people and causes pain in the neck, shoulder and even the arm.

Squirreling it away

02 March 2011 09:52

Squirrels are really cute and we all love to watch them play in the great outdoors but when they infect your loft it can be another story.

Property market in Swindon

24 February 2011 10:44

What is happening to the property market in Swindon? Let`s ask the experts.

Amazing Mr Mole

14 February 2011 09:23

Moles are pests but you have to admire their industry.

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