Squirreling it away
2nd March 2011
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Squirreling it away!

Just about now our little furry friends are coming to the end of their breeding season, the first of two that we can expect throughout the year. For most readers, the squirrel is a playful little creature that has mastered almost every bird feeder known to man. However, given the choice of breeding in a tree hollow or your cosy loft you can be certain that the latter wins every time, especially if the garden is well stocked with food!
By now, any squirrel that has bred will likely have anywhere from 2-4 “kittens” that will take around 10 weeks to be fully weaned but will be up to mischief and exploring by 7-8 weeks old.  So far so good and still so cute.
So consider this when things go bump above your heads:
• Around 50,000 home are reported as being inhabited by squirrels yearly.
• Damage estimated at £20,000,000.
• Building Insurance rarely if ever covers damage related to pest activity.
Late this February, we were called out to a property in Swindon where the owner had been hearing noises in the roof for a couple of weeks and had finally tired of it. There was also the rather odd happenings with the upstairs lighting circuit that had taken to tripping out. Here is what we found:
Yes, they may well be cute but you absolutely do not want them in your house! In older properties with less sophisticated electricity distribution boards this type of damage can lead to fire and all the risk that accompanies it.
As with many pest problems, the long term answer can be found in corrective proofing that will prevent future issues.  So, when you hear the patter of tiny feet above your head, and the children are accounted for, it is wise to call in the professionals without delay.
This article was written for our blog by PROKILL WEST. Any problems with pests then give them a call. http://www.thebestof.co.uk/local/swindon/business-guide/feature/prokill-thames-west


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