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Two conferences recently took place highlighting where business needs to focus in a future Swansea.
Welsh Tidal Bay Lagoon
Welsh Tidal Bay Lagoon
The propsed Tidal Bay Lagoon has received some serious backing with the appointment of directors and advisers of some large local businesses.
A commentator has questioned the quality and consistency of advice for small business owners
Swansea Bay City Region
Swansea Bay City Region
Swansea Bay City Region had a major boost with a meeting of key stakeholders today
Help with Business Rates
Help with Business Rates
Autumn Statement announcements bring relief for our local high street
Mumbles has it's very own Radio Station! Fantastic news for the local community and businesses. Currently accessed via the internet it is set to be a great feature.
While we’re all analysing the full implications of the CSR, more cash for capital expenditure is available for local SMEs right now via a boosted Local Investment Fund.
The business finance taskforce has annnounced it will lend £1.5bn to companies with a t/over between £10 and £100m but where are Swansea businesses to go?
TMT Digital Print pull out the stops to get your urgent print job sorted fast!
Friday saw Derren Brown take £5,000 of someone elses money and bet it all on one number in a casino...and lose it all!
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