Derren Brown didnt choose the right number!
3rd October 2009
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When it comes to financial planning, there are many ways in which you can ensure you are safe for the future.  However Derren Brown has other ideas!

For those of you whi didnt see Fridays show, he placed a bet of £5000 of someone elses money on one number on a roulette wheel with odds of 35 to 1 with the hope of winning £175,000!  Derren placed the bet on Black 8, however the ball landed one number away on Red 30!

Our IFA on thebestofswansea while the returns of the roulette wheel are potentially high, when looking at investments, usually the higher the return, the higher the risk!

So what have we all learned? We could place a bet on a roulette wheel and hope to win big, however, if you want some security in your future, give CBK Swansea a call on 01792 897799 and book your financial review today.

Until next time...take care

Matt - thebestofswansea

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