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Living an Eco Life

10 January 2012 09:41

In our modern globalised lives with instant satellite communications and next no time travel, taking time out to take stock of our position in the world can be a challenge, but none the less worthwhile.

Not another rubbish christmas

26 November 2009 12:38

As time moves on, Christmas approaches. A great time for remembering and giving gifts, but there is so much waste surrounding this season. Let's have a slightly greener Christmas full of love and good cheer rather than wasted paper and used packaging.

Graffiti and Society

22 August 2009 08:16

Whatever your views about our society, Graffiti artist Bankys seems to make people think!

Bacon, Eggs and Sausages

01 August 2009 15:43

A short walk in the country and the thought of a local, naturally grown and reared breakfast brings some thoughts on peak oil, climate change and the looming food crises.

How to tackle green issues

28 July 2009 18:15

A short article on what to consider to be a little greener and the benefits this could bring your business.

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