Charity should still fly high in this rich society
21st September 2010
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Whilst the media can sometimes over egg the doom and gloom surrounding the economy, there is no doubt that most of us bar the lucky few have to make cutbacks.

I know friends who have cancelled a foreign holiday or delayed some DIY that seemed so pressing not so long ago, all because money isn’t as plentiful as it was. I think it’d be fair to say I barely know a soul who hasn’t been affected in some way by the tough times of late.

As with all cutbacks whether it be on a Government level or in the home decisions have to be made on priorities.

Therefore it’s sad that in downturns charities particularly suffer.

I thought that only last week as I was having my annual throw out of the clothes that are surplus to requirements.

If I’m to be honest, I tend to just donate to whatever charity has had the good fortune to push one of their bags through my letterbox.

On this occasion the recipient of the unwanted Christmas jumpers was the County Air Ambulance.

Whilst all charities are worthy the one point that struck me about this charity, whilst getting shot of the garish shirt  I thought it was a bargain, is it doesn’t matter who you are this is a charity could help you.

It’s a charity that doesn’t discriminate on race, religion, sex or class. If you are involved in an accident the County Air Ambulance is here for you.

On further research I found that on average, an emergency air ambulance takes off every 10 minutes in the UK flying every single day, on many occasions saving lives which would lost on a road journey.

Air ambulances are by far the most effective way of transporting critically injured or ill patients to hospital and the cost of operating the air ambulance Helicopter Emergency Medical Structure in Solihull and Warwickshire is financed entirely by voluntary donations!

Always on the lookout for new volunteers all of us can help, whether it’s by giving goods, joining the charity’s lottery, or just volunteering.

Charity shouldn’t have to suffer at times like this. We are still a rich country, and around Solihull more fortunate than most. So find a way of helping, because you don’t know the next time one of those helicopters take to the sky it could be someone you know in it.

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