Get the radiators ready for the rigours ahead
19th October 2010
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It doesn’t matter how long one has been on the planet it still always seems a surprise when summer slides into autumn.

I guess once September comes we know the long days are on the way out, but it’s still generally warmish up until October then we start seeing temperature charts showing 10 or 11 degrees, as well as Christmas decorations in the shops, proving to even the most ardent outdoor type the barbecue should be packed away.

As the lawnmowers are mothballed and the boilers click on, we start insulating ourselves for the winter that lies ahead, and with news that geese migrating patterns, according to wildlife experts, predict another hard winter like the one just gone, it really is time to make sure your home is ready for the woolly jumper and gloves days bearing down upon us.

With the cost of heating still high, especially, at a time of less money, it makes good sense to check your home is ready for the rigours ahead.

Therefore it makes good sense to call in a plumber to check your radiators, temperature valves and to ensure that your guttering is able to handle the destructive combination of leaves and rainwater.

Thankfully the days have gone when any man with a van and a monkey wrench would call himself a plumber and charge you more than a week in the Canaries for ringing your doorbell. Those cowboys are onto their next scam and we are, by and large, left with highly reputable tradesmen on thebestofsolihull.

So with the swans having the choice to go to sunnier climes that we don’t, it may well be a good idea to get your home winter proofed asap. 

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