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Shrewsbury health club blog - The Benefits Of Working Out With A Friend

Hi, it’s Gemma Smith this time, one of the Fitness Instructors at The Shrewsbury Club.

Shrewsbury health club personal trainer on the benefits of incorporating weights into your workout

Hi there, it’s Rob Hall again, Operations Manager and Personal Trainer at The Shrewsbury Club with some advice on the benefits of adding weights to your workout.

Helping keep Shrewsbury mums in shape with Mummyfit classes

We’ve all heard of putting on some extra baby weight during pregnancy and the well-known phrase ‘eating for two’… Then after you’ve given birth, it’s often hard to find the time or the will to get fit and lose weight with a tiny baby in tow.

Shrewsbury health club blog on combating processed sugar

It is hard to cut processed sugar out of our lives. Even I have problems letting go of sweet things, and I’m a fitness instructor!

Beat stress at our Shrewsbury gym!

My name is Dionne Weeks and I am one of the gym instructors at The Shrewsbury Club. Everyone has different reasons for going to the gym but one of them is stress management.


06 January 2014 09:42

A brand new initiative to motivate people into committing to the Government's recommended activity levels has been launched by our team at The Shrewsbury Club.

The Benefits of Spin Classes at The Shrewsbury Club

Did you know that spinning classes are some of the most popular options at The Shrewsbury Club? With good reason too, there are many different benefits to attending a spin class.

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