The Benefits of Spin Classes at The Shrewsbury Club
30th December 2013
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Did you know that spinning classes are some of the most popular options at The Shrewsbury Club? With good reason too, there are many different benefits to attending a spin class. Whether you want to have fun, lose weight, or push yourself to your limits, it is all possible.

My name’s Robin Cornes and I am the main Spin Instructor at The Shrewsbury Club. We are delighted to offer a wide range of class times across the week, including our 7.30am spin, mid morning, MummyFit Spin and evenings. But let’s have a look at why spin is great for you:

You are burning calories fast

You can burn upwards of 500 calories with a single 45-minute spinning workout. When you compare that to other methods of working out, this is a large amount. The intensity of the workout is going to determine the amount of calories you burn. Once you become better and adjust your spin bike accordingly, you can increase the amount of calories lost in a single session.

Progress at your own pace

Even when working out with a live instructor (usually me!), you determine the amount of resistance you apply during class. The bikes all have a resistance control knob near the handlebars. You can determine how much endurance and strength you gain. While us instructors are going to encourage you to go at a certain RPM (Rate per Minute), no one ever has to feel left out as though they might with a step or aerobic routine. You are free to progress at your own pace because no one knows at what level you are spinning.

Less chance of injuries

Some people have a hard time with the stair stepper, elliptical, or treadmill because of the impact on their knees or feet. Spinning does not place any pressure on any part of your body. You can train at high impact without causing injuries to yourself.

You are building amazing legs

Aside from traditional weight loss, spinning has another benefit. During a spin class, you use the large muscle groups in your legs. It will not be long before your calves, hamstring, and thighs start looking visibly better.

You are also working your abdominals

Our qualified spinning instructors will also discuss your posture and your technique. It is important to work the correct muscle groups, and correct posture matters. During spinning, your upper body rhythm assists your leg rhythm. Because you are moving from a slightly bent position and moving from side to side, it helps you work the muscles on the side of your abdomens and works the core abdominal muscles.

If you’re interested in taking up spinning and reaping these benefits, check out our schedule – again, there are a number of options – with us there are choices for everyone!

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