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13th November 2013
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Did you know that working out with a partner could motivate you in several different ways? We have seen these benefits right here at The Shrewsbury Club. As a friendly club, we always encourage our members to talk to the gym team to find a workout or class that may suit them. And we have over 80 classes a week to choose from!

A partner can make training more fun, challenge and encourage you, but there are additional benefits too.

Easier to try new things

When with a partner, trying new things is far less intimidating. Perhaps you want to try new exercise equipment, hit the free weights, try yoga, or try new classes. With countless classes available at The Shrewsbury Club, ranging from Zumba, to yoga, to spinning, it is less intimidating if you go with a partner. 

You are less likely to miss sessions

If you are tired after working a long day and do not feel like heading to the gym, chances are that you might cancel your workout altogether. However, cancelling once makes it easier to get into a habit of not heading to the gym when you feel tired. If you have someone counting on you to train with them, you are far less likely to cancel.

Introduce variety into your workouts

If you work out with someone, chances are that they have different skills and exercise knowledge than you do. This can benefit you by introducing you to new exercises. It introduces different ways of being active, new workouts, and helps you maintain the correct form. One of the main components of enjoying a workout is variety, and a workout partner can certainly help there.

A little competition is great

Healthy competition will help us train harder. When you train with someone who is fitter than you are, it produces the Köhler Effect – this means that it is in our nature not to want to be ‘the weakest link’. As a result, you will push yourself harder while working out. In fact, studies at the department of Kinesiology at Kansas State University found that this might push someone upwards of 160% to 200% harder… just by having someone to train with.

What if you have no one to train with?

Perhaps you do not have someone to train with; there might be countless reasons for that. Perhaps you are new to Shrewsbury or have a different schedule than most of your friends. In that event, our instructors are there to help. Maybe you’d like a workout programme tailored to you – our machines have a state-of-the-art key system which sets your goals and monitors progress. Or by trying out a personal training session, we can provide you with many of the same benefits as we have mentioned in this blog.

For any assistance with your fitness goals, please call The Shrewsbury Club on 01743 491550 or click on the weblink below.

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