Winner of May's Best Young Business award
3rd June 2009
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The votes are all in for May's Best Young Business award and many thanks to all those who voted. The winner is C2 Recruitment, your friendly and reliable recruitment specialist in Shrewsbury. Director Shane Hawkins was delighted with the result and once his award's been engraved I'm sure he'll be enjoying some great press coverage through it.

Two further Shrewsbury businesses were Highly Commended, namely Revive Aromatherapy and Zen Communications. So big congrats to Jen and Flick there, respectively. Jen's also got a special offer on at the moment, where you can get a free spa facial worth £25...! Visit our Member Offers page for all the details, because everyone likes a deal!

Have had a good week of business networking this week. The early starts are a killer but it's got to be done. If you're a business owner in Shrewsbury and fancy taking the plunge, let us know and I'll tell you which clubs I do. I'd be happy to welcome you along. For those non business owners, you can probably think of nothing worse than networking, so let's talk about the football instead.... Erm, OK, maybe not.... Next season Shrewsbury Town will get that promotion, I'm sure of it. A goal in the 90th minute. Who'd have believed it. That's Gillingham off my 2009 holiday list.

Enjoy the sun. Of course, it's been too hot of late. Why can't it be just right? Balmy rather than fry an egg on your head. Oh well, no pleasing me, I guess....

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