Will Underfloor Heating Work With A Carpet?
12th December 2022
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It’s a common misconception that underfloor heating won’t work with the carpet but only with hard flooring but this isn’t the case.

What To Consider 

As long as you are careful about what type of carpet you chose to place over your underfloor heating system it should still be able to heat your room effectively.

Provided that the tog rating of the carpet is 2.5 or below, everything should work fine.

There are also carpet underlays available specifically for use over underfloor heating if you are still unsure and want to make sure that your heating system will work well.

Raw screed flooring can actually be a poor choice when finishing the floor of a room.

For a bedroom, for example, you’d want a cosy underfoot feeling and this can only be achieved with the use of carpeting not to mention that it’s also more hygienic than raw screed flooring because carpets absorb dust meaning less of it circulates around the room.

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