Why Website First Impressions Count
2nd June 2021
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We all know that first impressions count… well that goes double for your website!

With attention spans on the internet at an all-time low and with big brands setting a high standard for website experiences. Your visitors first impressions of your site will heavily impact whether they convert or just bounce.

Why does this first impression make such a difference… well it all comes back to trust…

What website user expect

With the ever-more popular goliath websites such as Amazon setting a standard for online transactions and streamlined customer experiences. And with social sites such as Facebook and LinkedIn providing online citizens with a new/ more consistent way to interact with businesses and brands…

Online consumers have become used to a certain standard of online quality which they know they can trust.

The reason that more people than ever order goods from Amazon, is that consumers know that start to finish, their shopping experience will be simple, quick and their order will be with them fast with almost no hiccups.

Even more importantly, they know that Amazon can be trusted with their money.

Seasoned customers will know that even if something is wrong, or they order the wrong product, Amazon have an unbeatable returns policy and customer support available round the clock.

Now that being said… that doesn’t mean that small sites can’t compete.

But it does mean that they need to do everything they can, to build a user experience that shows potential customers that they can be trusted.


Building your trust

How do you build trust?

Well, you do that from the second your user lands on your site…

In fact, if your running ads… you build trust from before your user even land on your site. With how professional your ads are. One typo can shatter that trust right then and there.

So, first thing, how fast does your website load?

It doesn’t have to be faster than light… but if users are left waiting for too long while it winds up, then they might decide to move on elsewhere.

Next, think about the visual presentation of your site.

Do users have access to all the information they need? People aren’t going to want to dig around to find your returns policy, delivery times or quality guarantee.

They need to know, straight away, that their experience will be second to none!

Finally, how streamlined is your checkout, sign-up form or whatever conversion you are after.

If someone wants to convert… make sure they actually can…

Luckily, for ecommerce sites, tools like Shopify and WooCommerce are bringing that level of trust and reliability to the checkout process.


So, is your website making the right impression with your users?

If you think it needs work, why not shoot on over to our site and request a Discovery Call, we can help!

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