Where can I find a consultant orthodontist in Shrewsbury?
5th December 2019
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The Dental Spa in Shrewsbury is proud to answer this question! “Where can I find an experienced Consultant Orthodontist in Shrewsbury?”

Mr John Chadwick has worked as a Consultant Orthodontist in Shropshire since 1988, having been trained in both Oral Surgery and Orthodontics as a postgraduate.


Consultant Orthodontists are specialist Orthodontists who undergo a further two years of training, following the attainment of a Membership in Orthodontics and College of Cranio-Sacral Therapy.

The role of a Consultant Orthodontist

This training is focused on the future role of Consultant and includes management of complex cases, to ensure the Consultant Orthodontist is especially skilled to effectively treat patients with severe skeletal discrepancy, congenital facial abnormality, multidisciplinary problems and special needs.

As part of the training, Consultant Orthodontists also have to undergo a critical appraisal of the medical and dental literature and gain vast experience in and knowledge of NHS management as well as developing their teaching skills.

Further experience in teaching and training is gained to prepare for their role in education.


Training orthodontic specialists

Together with their academic colleagues, Consultant Orthodontists are the principal trainers of Orthodontic Specialists.

In addition, they are frequently involved in training general practitioners, Dental Core Trainees and Orthodontic therapists.

Here at The Dental Spa, Mr Chadwick’s practice has included the care of patients with the most complex of problems. These include people, who may have also required the services of Restorative and Surgical specialists to address their issues.

We feel extremely fortunate to have Mr Chadwick as a professional member of our team as he also works on a sessional basis at the Royal Shrewsbury Hospital. He maintains a wide clinical practice with links to other specialists both in practice and in the hospital services.

His practice as a Consultant Orthodontist with us at the Dental Spa includes a full range of orthodontic treatments utilising aesthetic appliance systems.

Adults particularly request these to make the treatment as discreet as possible compatible with clinical requirements.

Specialisms and flexible service

Mr Chadwick also specialises in the management of problem snoring with the use of intra-oral appliances and has effectively eliminated this problem for many clients.

Mr Chadwick provides a relaxed and friendly service and offers appointments in an evening and on Saturdays to make his services as accessible as possible.

If you have any questions about our experienced orthodontic team, please speak to your regular dentist here or our pt advisors  team on 01743 343433.

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