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26th April 2016
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If you’re living in Shrewsbury and looking for a cleaner, don’t think you have to be rich to afford one! In fact, 1 in 3 homes in the UK now employ a cleaner, that’s how common it’s become.

If you’ve never hired a domestic cleaner before and have no experience with one, you may be a little unsure about what it involves. Read on for some guidance on what to expect when employing a cleaner for the first time!

1. A cleaner will not redecorate your home

Some clients expect a dramatic transformation almost instantly upon hiring a cleaner. While we do want your home to look, feel and small cleaner when you come home after each and every clean, we are only human, and it may take several visits to get your home to the desired and workable standard of the cleaner and the cleaning service you have hired.

It might take a cleaner 2 or 3 cleans to get used to a new client’s home. This involves your cleaner familiarising themselves with the flow of the rooms in your house and working out the best way to achieve all tasks in the set time frame. Anything that hasn’t been regularly maintained beforehand will take a while longer to get on top of, for instance paintwork, internal windows or heavy limescale build-up in your bathroom.

Our domestic Moppettes are professionally trained in cleaning techniques for efficiency combined with high-standard cleaning, and yes they can clean better and faster than the average Jo, but there is a limit to how many bathrooms can be cleaned, how many bed changes can be done or how many flights of stairs vacuumed in a two hour time slot – this is true of all cleaners.

How do I overcome this?

The best thing you can do is be very clear of your cleaning wants and needs when someone comes to give you a quote at home. The cleaning service provider will always prefer to deliver excellent cleaning work and so will know best how long it will take to get a certain amount done. If you can only afford to budget for 2 hours a week, be realistic on how much a cleaner can achieve. What do you want to prioritise in your home? If you can afford it, have a deep/spring clean done before your regular cleaning service begins – some franchises will insist on this. This may seem redundant, having a deep clean prior to your regular service, but it will make the home easier to maintain moving forward.

2. A cleaner cleans but does not tidy up!

Using a cleaning service to pick up your clothes, child’s toys and put away your things is a waste of your actual cleaning time. If you’ve budgeted 3 hours for your cleaner to come in and they spend half an hour picking up and putting away items, something you wanted done may have to be missed or be done in a rush, i.e. poorly, as they will run out of time.

You don’t want to waste your money, the cleaning business doesn’t want to give you an incomplete service and the cleaner themselves doesn’t want to feel they are overwhelmed and failing to give you a great cleaning service.

How do I overcome this?

The night before your scheduled clean please get your household to tidy up! All floors should be clear and items should be in their proper places. Your cleaner will be more efficient and very grateful!

3. Your cleaner won’t last forever

There are two types of cleaner. The first type of cleaner is the dream cleaner for you to hire in your home; they are the type of cleaner that instinctively knows what is to be cleaned, they love to clean and to get quality results, and they would never, ever dream of assigning their name to bad work. Career cleaners live to clean, it is their vocation. This type of cleaner does exist, I promise, but they are rare (in eight years of running Mrs Mopp I have employed several career cleaners and many are still with me, as a good cleaner is worth their weight in gold!)

The second type of cleaner is a person that sees cleaning hours as convenient for their own life and they see it as a job they can do until they find something else. These types of cleaners are the majority in the UK. This is harsh but true. Not to say ‘jobbing cleaners’ can’t be good cleaners; I’ve employed many an excellent cleaner that has gone on to do other things as their circumstances have changed. However, these cleaners do not live for the finish and sparkle in the same way as career cleaners do, no matter what pay rates, incentive schemes, employee benefits etc a cleaning business may offer them and so it goes, your cleaner will not last forever.

Another reason cleaners don’t last forever is that the work is very physically demanding and some people join the profession thinking they can do it (how hard can cleaning really be?) and then they discover after a week or two that it’s really not for them and they can’t keep up with the pace.

Cleaning businesses hate changing cleaning staff just as much as a client hates having to change to a new cleaner. Please know that sometimes they can’t help it as it may beyond their control, but I guarantee they will be doing everything they can behind the scenes to correct it. No cleaning business owner likes disgruntled calls or emails. Not a single one.

How do I overcome this?

When looking for a cleaning business ask about how they do their recruitment and in what capacity they employ their cleaners. Some cleaning business are actually agencies and all their staff are self-employed! Also ask how they keep and motivate their staff.

You might also ask yourself whether you would you prefer a single cleaner or are you happy for a team of two to come to your home? Many companies use two cleaners for health and safety reasons (moving furniture, falling etc.) and this can help with service disruption as you will always know two of the business’s cleaners.

If you only want one person, you either have to accept that there may be times that particular individual is unavailable, perhaps off sick or on holiday. Should this happen you would have to go without a clean or you will have a cover cleaner so as not to disrupt your cleaning service. If you employ a sole trader cleaner and they are sick or on holiday you will not have a clean (nor the option of cover).

The conclusion

Please be realistic with timeframes available, and with your cleaning wants and your cleaning needs. Stay open in communication with the cleaner, supervisor and/or business owner/manager to work together to find your perfect cleaning service.

You really can have a harmonious relationship with your cleaning provider and a perfectly running cleaning schedule, I promise. It just won’t happen all in one clean!

Mrs M x

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