Valentines Day inspiration from Shrewsbury car companies
8th February 2013
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Valentine’s Day is fast coming round again and with that means trying to find the right gift for your loved one, says Stuart Williams, managing director of Ace Car Care in Shrewsbury, which incorporates ChipsAway and Black Code as well as specialised Wheel Protection Services.....

Men really do have it easy when it comes to buying their girl a gift – flowers, chocolate or jewellery quickly come to mind. But I’ve always thought it must be harder for women to come up with something for the man in their life.

Personally, I have always loved cars and taking care of them to make them look and be the best they can be. Most men I know will happily spend a Saturday morning washing, cleaning and polishing their car.It is a labour of love.

But how can a woman translate this into a gift for the car lover? Buying a new car seems a little excessive for a Valentine’s Day present.

But that’s where we can help out. We’ve come up with a few gift suggestions for your car-loving sweetheart. After all, Valentine’s Day gifts are all about showing how much you care and what better way to demonstrate that than by giving their prized possession an upgrade.

Here are our thoughts on a top 10 gift list for the car enthusiast:

1) Window Tints - For a top of the range look, get your partner’s windows tinted. There are many benefits from extra security to protecting the interior of your vehicle from UV rays, which can cause fading and skin irritation.

2) Alloy Wheel Rim Protectors - Everyone loves their wheels so protecting them from kerb damage is a must. Get them in different colours to compliment and enhance the vehicle’s look.

3) Sun Strip - Stop the sun getting in your eyes and give the car a more sleek and sexy look.

4) A Remap - Help your engine run more smoothly and reveal its true inner animal. Makes for a higher performance, better towing, and could save you fuel.

5) Cosmetic paint repair - To show you love your car by having those annoying little dents, scrapes and scratches taken away.

6) Vinyl or spray wrap - Add some style to your vehicle by upgrading the look of its body, wheels or interior.

7) Performance Air Filter - For a more aggressive sound, and a little extra performance, this is the way to go.

8) Paint Protection Film - Give your car some extra protection to stop nasty stone chips, scuffs & scratches on vulnerable panels.

9) Custom Alloy Wheel Finishes - Change the image of your vehicle by updating the look of the wheels or make them completely different and add a bit of bling.

10) Parking Sensors - Avoid those unseen obstacles which could damage your car’s beautiful body. And if nothing there takes your fancy, just give our technicians a call at Ace Car Care and we’ll be able to sort out the perfect Valentine’s Day gift in no time.

Happy Valentine’s Day to all. To contact Ace Car Care on the Benbow Business Park about any of our products and services, call 01743 466100 or email here.

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