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10th January 2013
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It’s not too late to ring in the New Year by committing to a healthier lifestyle for 2013, let Shrewsbury chiropractor Dr Glenn Fredericksen, a member of the United Chiropractic Association (UCA), turn your resolutions into realities this year.

Just a few simple and practical lifestyle changes can make a huge positive impact on your health. Make a commitment to consciously grow your health with Chiropractic.

Shrewsbury Family Chiropractic and the UCA encourage you to adopt the following New Year’s resolutions for a healthier you:

Limit your caffeine intake.

Caffeine in coffee, tea and fizzy drinks can cause dehydration. Stick to water, natural juices and decaffeinated beverages.

Avoid over medicating yourself with over-the counter drugs.

Many of these are often taken unnecessarily so make sure you are getting good advice.

Eat less fast food and reduce your consumption of alcohol.

Increase your intake of natural foods, like fruits, vegetables and non-processed foods. A good simple rule with food is “the closer to its natural form - the better the food”.

Ladies, clear out all unnecessary items from your oversized handbags 

And review how you carry heavy bags and briefcases. Wearing a shoulder strap over one shoulder unevenly places the weight of the bag on one side of the body potentially causing shoulder and back pain.

Make time to Exercise

Many people drop physical exercise from their routine due to boredom and lack of interest, if it is not fun then it is very difficult to keep motivated. Check out the LiveWell website www.live-well.uk.com for some great ideas to incorporate exercise into your daily routine.

Avoid the habit of consistently crossing the same knee over the other.

Such a habit can cause misalignment of the spine.

Use luggage with wheels whenever possible.

Carrying, lifting and moving a heavy suitcase can ruin a great holiday.

• Think Well – Have a positive outlook. People who are positive tend to have better health and success in life than those negative thinkers. Become a glass – half full person!

Live Well - Maintain a balanced lifestyle.

There should be a balance between your work time and your leisure time. Be present and conscious while performing each role, there is no use having leisure time if you are constantly thinking about work.

Sometimes making life changing decisions and seeing them through is easier when you have support, so start this New Year with a Chiropractic Check-up at Shrewsbury Family Chiropractic and Dr Fredericksen will help advise and encourage you to really meet those goals you have set.

For more information, call The Shrewsbury Family Chiropractic on 01743 493091.

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