Top Four Tips For Nailing Your Next Interview
16th April 2021
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We get it. An interview can be nerve-racking. The advice out there can be overwhelming and you’re already stressed enough.

We’re all for the simple life here at Team4You. We’re here to support you throughout your entire job-seeking process, finding the perfect career for you.

Working with us means that by the time you get to your interview, you’ll just be excited to show them what you’re made of. If you’re new to the Team4You way of making recruitment better though, grab yourself a cuppa, sit tight, and have a read through our top four tips for nailing your next interview.


This is the most important.

Grab your mum, your dad, your friends, your partner, whoever. Sit down and do as many dummy runs as it takes to make you feel confident on the day. You don’t want to seem rehearsed but you do want to seem comfortable with the answers you’re giving.

Be Yourself

You have to be yourself. Who else would you be? You’re ace. Embrace it. 

You’re going to need to be yourself in your new job, so start as you mean to go on. Be yourself from the interview and carry that all the way through. You want a job that is right for you, the real you.

Give Examples

When you’re asked questions, make sure that you give strong examples of how you’ve demonstrated whatever it is that you’re being asked. 

Showcase your experience and your skills by quantifying all your answers. Not only does it highlight your many strengths, and gives you and the interviewer more to talk about, it’ll make you and your answers memorable.

Prepare questions

Finally, make sure that you have multiple questions prepared. That’s important. It shows that you’re interested in the job.

If somebody asks you if you’ve got any questions, and you sit there, shrug your shoulders and say, no, they’re going to think you’re not really that interested. You are interviewing them as much as they are interviewing you. This is your career. Make sure you know about it and what it means for you. 

That initiative will come across well to the interviewer. 

Make sure you prepare at least two, if not three or four questions to ask them at the end.

There you have it. Our top four tips for nailing your next interview.

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