Top exam results in Shrewsbury! (Again.)
27th August 2009
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Record breaking exam results...? I was more surprised when Usain Bolt won the 100m. Surely the exams have to be getting easier? Or are today's teenagers in fact brighter than ever? The responsesource website has an interesting article about Moreton Hall, an independent school in Shropshire that has also acheived "record breaking" A-Level and GCSE results -

Maybe I'm just slightly miffed that I messed my own exams up as a kid. Well, I did OK with the GCSEs (4 As, 3Bs and 2 Cs) but by the time A-Levels came about I had discovered girls and a drink called Thunderbird. Suffice it to say, the language was rather blue in my house that results day.

But are exams the be-all and end-all? If you look at some of the UK's great entrepreneurs - the Bransons, Sugars, Bannatynes, etc - hardly any of them shone at school. And I'm sure we'd happily swap places with them. I walk around the Shrewsbury Bannatyne's and wonder at the guy who started off with an ice cream van. Inspiring stuff and worth quite a few A-Levels, I reckon.

If it's you that's just scored 57 A stars though, good on you. It's always an achievement to cope under the pressures of an exam environment. And GCSEs and A-Levels normally mean the end of school! No more bearded teachers telling you what to do, no more ill-fitting uniforms and wedgies.... The world's your oyster but also welcome to mortgages and tax bills.... You'll love it!

PS If you'd like to shout about your Shrewsbury school or college, let us know here.

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