Three signs that you need a cleaner by Shrewsbury cleaning services company
18th November 2014
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Life is busy and hectic for most of us. In our new age of fast technology and 24-hour access to everything, we are working more, committed to more and stressed out more too! No matter how busy life becomes, bathtubs will need to be cleaned, kitchens will need to be swept and ornaments will need a loving polish, but where to find the time…

If you have been arguing with yourself over the whether or not you should get a domestic cleaning service in to help you with your home and your never ending to-do list, ask yourself these three questions:

1. When you have to do “a quick tidy up”, say for example, when guests have telephoned and are imminent, can it be achieved in less than 1 hour or does it take houuurrrssssss? Or worse, option no-time-to-tidy, do you stuff everything into another room, that is hardly used and your guests won’t venture into, and close the door?

If you answered No, Yes and Yes – maybe it’s time for a cleaner.  

2. Do you find yourself always apologizing for the state of your house when guests come over or a relative arrives unexpectedly?

If a common phrase you use is “please excuse the mess” then a cleaner could definitely help get your house more organized and the cleaning under control, making a quick tidy-up achievable (see point 1) and make the shame and guilt of a less-than-perfect-house, that we all carry, a thing of the past for you.

3. This is a doozy… the big one… the deal maker… You ready? 

How do you spend your weekends and/or any spare downtime you have? 

If any part of your answer involves the words: cleaning the bathroom, tidying the house, de-cluttering my cupboards, polishing, mopping, vacuuming, sorting-out, scrubbing, or other similar cleaning verbs, it’s time to have a think - is that really the way you want to spend YOUR only YOU time? For the cost of a weekly takeaway you could give yourself, in the hiring of a domestic cleaner, back hours of free time with your nearest and dearest and we would say that is pretty priceless. 

It can be a tough decision to take on a cleaner and someone you don’t know in your home, we understand that, but do you know what’s tougher? Never getting back the time you wasted cleaning house! No one, on their deathbed, wishes they had scrubbed more tiles. No one.

When thinking of hiring a cleaner, take time to look at local cleaning businesses, ask them questions, ask to see their references and insurance details and find someone you are comfortable dealing with, then take the plunge and free yourself of the mundane. We promise, you’ll never look back.

Now, what to do with your Saturdays…

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