Three of the scariest cleaning facts you need to know!
1st October 2019
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We can all admit to not being on top of our cleaning game from time to time. Life just gets busy. Sure, there are germs everywhere, but it can’t be that bad, can it? Especially not in our homes either, right?


In the spirit of Halloween and all things scary, let’s see what’s really hiding under your bed… or just on your worktops, computer, phone, keys, lamps. Okay, you get the idea. Nowhere is safe!

Prepare yourself for the fright of your life with these 3 scary cleaning facts!


1)     Your kitchen sponge can contain up to forty-five billion microbes per square centimeter.

 *Screams in horror* We know! Even what we use to clean isn’t clean. What a nightmare.

Due to the moisture levels of your sponge, it becomes a breeding ground for bacteria to hang out and have a great time. Not ideal for a sparkling and hygienic kitchen. You can reduce the level of bacteria on your sponge by doing the following…

- Soak your sponge in full-strength vinegar for 5 minutes. Rinse with warm water and allow it to dry.

-  Wash your sponge at least once a week in your washing machine, letting it dry completely afterwards.

- Hire an awesome cleaning service who already thoroughly wash all their sponges to clean your kitchen (wink, wink, nudge, nudge).


2)     Flushing the toilet sprays contaminated water droplets up to 6 feet away.

That’s right, each time you flush the loo, you are showering your bathroom with bacteria. Scary stuff. That’s not the ideal scenario for when you want to have that relaxing bath, or wash your face in the sink now, is it? To stop your bathroom being covered in bacteria from your toilet, you could try these tips…

-        Always close the lid before flushing, to stop the water droplets escaping.

-        Spray some antibacterial spray into the air around your toilet after flushing.

-        Get your bathroom deep cleaned once a week so you don’t have to worry about it. *inserts shameless self-promotion*


3)     TV remotes can contain bacteria levels up to 10 times higher than what is accepted in hospitals. 

So now Netflix isn’t even safe?! It’s a cruel, cruel world.

Studies have shown that TV remotes are among some of the most contaminated objects we own. That’s a terrifying thought. When we wind down of an evening, we don’t want to be covered in bacteria; we want to rest easy, knowing our remotes aren’t plotting against us.

You can help reduce the levels of bacteria on your remotes by doing the following…

-        Regularly cleaning and wiping down your remotes.

-        Washing your hands before handling the remote.

-        Having your remotes wiped down for you as part of getting your living room cleaned (just saying). 

There you have it. Three of the scariest cleaning facts you need to know. We appreciate that’s a lot of terrifying information to digest about your home. That’s why we have a Halloween treat to make you feel better.

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