The universal benefits of Bach Flower Therapy
21st October 2019
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“Treat the person, not the disease – the cause not the effect”

These were Dr Edward Bach's own words and epitomised his approach to his patients, both as a highly esteemed allopathic, scientifically trained practitioner of modern medicine, as well as the renowned complementary therapist whose life's work became the 38 individual flower remedies which he created in the early 1930s. 

Dr Bach was significantly ahead of his time by understanding how emotional and mental imbalances lead to physical illness if left untreated. 

Equally, the powerful mental and emotional side effects of physical illness should not be underestimated. Overwhelming fatigue, depression, despondency, frustration, impatience, anxiety are just a few examples.

GENTIAN is a marvellous convalescing tonic when indicated

GORSE encourages positivity and the belief that  difficulties may be overcome as opposed to the feelings of hopelessness and despair

IMPATIENS – a relief for mental tension through frustration 

OLIVE is another powerful remedy for convalescence. Dr Bach's definition: For those who have suffered long under adverse conditions, whose vitality has been sapped and who are suffering total fatigue of mind and body 

STAR OF BETHLEHEM - “The comforter and soother of pains and sorrows”

As I mentioned earlier, there are 38 individual flower essences, each with an individual and immensely powerful benefit to those of all ages, and suffering from a myriad of conditions. I am so fortunate to have witnessed the truly astonishing impact of this unique therapy in my capacity as a highly qualified and experienced practitioner, and I would urge anyone who is suffering, in any way and to any degree, to contact me and to discover for themselves the extraordinary properties of Bach Flower Therapy

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