The Secret to Preparing your Business for a Better Tomorrow
22nd February 2021
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What’s the secret to preparing your business for a better tomorrow? And how do you harness that secret to skyrocket your business in the new economy?

Where is your next job coming from?

 Every business owner has had that frustrating feeling of not knowing where the next job is coming from. And even worse it usually happens just as a long-term customer has decided to call it a day.

 To add insult to injury, these things never seem to happen with any warning. That “stiff upper lip” in business means customers tell you everything is fine; they’re doing well and then wham! They’re cutting costs and they’re gone!

 A consistent flow of customers is the business owner’s dream. Knowing that if a customer decides not to buy from you anymore, there are three or four lined up to replace them.

 And the good news is, this isn’t as difficult as everyone makes out.

Feast or famine

 Most business owners fall into the same trap. Their business is feast or famine. In the good times they indulge themselves with the profits and in the bad times, they hunker down and hope for the good times to return.

 That isn’t to say they’re not working hard. It doesn’t mean their product or service has suddenly got worse. But what it does mean is they expose their business to the same fluctuations and risk as everyone else. If the economy has a wobble, so does their business. If their phone lines go down, so does their business. They aren’t preparing their business for a better tomorrow.

Preparing for a better tomorrow

 The smart business owner reinvests in the good times and doubles down in the tough times. Why? Because they know that most other business owners indulge in the good times and retreat in the bad times. By reinvesting in their business, they are pushing further and further beyond their competitors.

 Your advertising should be harvesting data. Capturing details and email addresses. You might not be able to sell to people straight away, but by getting them in your email funnel you can continue to communicate with them and warm them up to your business.

Further still, you should be remarketing to anyone who has interacted with your business. Adverts that display to them wherever they browse on the internet. Adverts triggered by certain behaviours. Perhaps they’ve spent over a minute looking at a certain area of your website. Imagine the power of then serving them adverts specifically about that.

Think of it like building a virtual queue of people, who you continue to feed interesting snippets to. If you’ve ever queued at Disney, you’ll know they don’t just leave you waiting. They warm you up, plant seeds and entertain you whilst you wait to get through the gates.

No more feast and famine

 Think about what you’re doing to build up your queue. Are you serving adverts to add more people to the line? Are you making sure people don’t leave the queue by keeping them interested?

Imagine a situation where you no longer fear a client leaving. A situation where if someone leaves, they’re three or four others waiting to take their place.

Plan for a better tomorrow.

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