The importance of a kosher CV by Shrewsbury recruitment specialist
17th October 2014
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The Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) recently worked with BBC1’s Fake Britain programme to undertake a survey of 1,800 small businesses which found that an alarmingly high level of CVs were fraudulent – a study which highlights the scale of the problem in the UK. 

Meg Murphy, Director of Shropshire-based Red Recruitment, highlights ways in which employers can avoid the repercussions of appointing members of staff who aren’t who they say they are, and why employees should be upfront from the outset…

“The majority of candidates in the search for employment are trustworthy and honest, however, there is a growing issue where some individuals – across all skill sets, from entry level roles through to managerial and directorship positions – are bending the truth in their favour.

Many employers review candidate CVs and assume that the information within it, and which they form their initial opinions on, is true to the fact. But there’s been a noticeable increase in the number of candidates embellishing their stories, making up career histories to fill in gaps during employment breaks, and building in false references from bogus companies to make them sound more impressive.  

The costs for employers of falling victim to this trend can be substantial when hiring – a trend which The BBC and FSB claim started at the beginning of the recession over six years ago. So what can employers do to help spot a bogus CV, without having to commit additional time to being extra vigilant with every single one they receive?

In some cases for example, it’s useful to utilise the power of the internet to search for that jobseeker via a search engine, on LinkedIn, as well as on Facebook, Twitter and Google+, to confirm that their employment matches that within the CV.

Although background research can cost employers more time, it can provide them with the necessary information and peace of mind, before going any further with the recruitment process. But employers who have appointed a person and later found that they aren’t who they said they were, can find themselves in a tricky position in terms of ensuring they adhere to the relevant employment legislation, deal with costly pressures of letting someone go, and plan another time-consuming recruitment campaign.

And it’s not just companies that are at risk if they employ candidates based on their rogue CVs, but the candidates themselves. Earlier this year, employment fraud prevention officers sent a guide to every university in the UK which warned students that telling lies on their CV to make them seem a more relevant applicant could see them face a possible jail sentence of up to ten years.

The type of common white lies – which can also be classed as fraud by false representation – includes exaggeration of qualifications and extra-curricular activities, as well as creating fake references – which, according to the FSB’s studies, showed that one fifth of its members had fallen for.

With the general recruitment marketplace expanding as a result of positive business growth across the whole of the UK, the importance of having a kosher CV is more vital than ever before, taking into account the real demand from business owners for reliable, hard-working and long-standing members of staff.

Employers can avoid associated risks of recruiting a wrong employee and cut out the time-consuming process of recruitment by appointing the services of a specialist recruitment agency, who can undertake the role of filtering through CVs, host initial interviews, get to know the person as an individual, as well as ensure that they are skilled to the relevant standard for the role, before they put forward someone who they think is a perfect match,” Meg concluded.

Red Recruitment is a Shropshire-based consultancy specialising in the supply of permanent, contract and temporary staff across a range of sectors including PA/secretarial, finance, HR, legal, sales and marketing.  Led by a team of highly experienced consultants, Red Recruitment ensures that it meets the precise needs of both candidates and businesses across the county.

For further information or to have a chat with the team about your recruitment needs, call 01743 352222, email/visit the website via the links. 

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