Teeth Today! How times have changed in the world of dentistry by Shrewsbury dentists.
22nd April 2014
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Dentistry is constantly changing and advances in materials and techniques have increased the range of treatment options we can offer our patients here in Shrewsbury. 

One of the more exciting and dramatic options now available is “Same Day Teeth” (also known as All On 4). 

As a general population we are living longer and keeping our teeth for longer, which can all make the transition to edentulous (no teeth) more difficult.  Dentures will always be an option but it can be challenging to replace the natural teeth.  “Same Day Teeth” is a technique that allows us to replace a denture, and any unhealthy teeth, with a fixed bridge – all in the same day.

There are a number of stages involved:

  • Planning – this is clearly essentially and has to be meticulous in order to achieve the optimum outcome.  We would need to record impressions, photographs, radiographs and CT scans of the jaws and teeth. 
  • Placement of Implants – this is an exciting and rewarding day that sees any remaining unhealthy teeth removed, the implants placed and the denture replaced by a fixed bridge.  You leave healthier and happier with a fixed bridge – all on the same day!
  • Healing – this phase lasts for up to 4 months and is usually extremely uneventful.  We check all is well with the interim bridge and that healing is progressing.
  • Final Fixed Bridge – after about 4 months, healing will have occurred and the bone will have remodelled, and we would construct a final fixed bridge.

Fortunately everyone is different and will have different aspirations and desires.  Same Day Teeth is a technique that provides a healthy and confident smile that helps you enjoy a deserved quality of life.  We are encouraged to eat 5 a day to keep healthy, although even this has been upgraded 7 a day, or even 10 a day, but it is meaningless if you can’t even bite into an apple.  Same Day Teeth provide a means of allowing you to eat what you want, when you want.  Pass the Cox’s Orange Pippin!

Teeth Today is a possibility, call 01743 343433 to book your free consultation today.

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