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27th June 2012
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Will Fuller from Shrewsbury based Will Fuller Photography shares some expert tips on how to make the most of our carry-round cameras... yes, that's right - our smartphones!

Nowadays most people walk around with a camera sitting right in their pocket, however the majority of these will not be making the most of this fantastic innovation. With a few simple tips you can turn simple snaps into something much more interesting!

Take a moment to properly compose your image:

Believe it or not, the screen size on the iPhone is actually bigger than the screen on the back of my professional camera. Use this to your advantage! Take a look around the image before taking it, to make sure there aren’t lampposts growing out of the top of peoples heads, or a plastic bag blowing around in the background that could ruin your image.

Simplicity is key:

One of the luxuries with using a professional camera is that it is so easy to make a subject stand out, using a thin depth of field. Unfortunately most smartphones don’t allow this, without some editing. Backgrounds can easily distract away from the subject of your picture, so make sure they are as simple as possible.

Don’t use zoom:

With 90% of smartphones, zooming in isn’t a movement within the lens... it is simply cropping your picture. So, when you are using zoom, the chances are you are losing a lot of valuable data. Try getting closer to the subject instead. Compose the picture with your feet! (Make sure you don’t get too close when taking portraits though, as that can distort your picture.)

Keep flash to a minimum:

Unfortunately, flashes on smartphones aren’t quite as advanced as their compact camera counterparts. They tend to use LED lights that give off a blue or white light and can also over-expose your picture. This can be unattractive on skin, making people look slightly unwell! Try taking a picture without flash first to see how it turns out, but always remember to keep steady. This brings me onto the next point:

Stay steady when taking a picture:

It’s quite easy to blur a picture on a smartphone if you are not careful. To avoid this, try standing still and using both hands to hold your phone whilst taking a picture. If this isn’t enough, lean against something for extra stability. 

Clean the lens:

If you look at a professional photographer's lens it will be absolutely spotless! Any bit of muck can cause marks to appear on your picture. Treat your smartphone camera the same. Give it a quick wipe with a clean bit of fabric before taking some pictures. Avoid getting fingerprints on the lens as well!

Edit your pictures:

It is so easy to edit pictures on your phone nowadays, which can really improve an image very quickly. Instagram has recently risen to fame, due to its ease of use and interesting filters. If you want to try something more advanced, look out for the VSCO Cam app (my personal favourite).

Some great iPhone photography:






For more information on the Will Fuller and his photography services call him on 01743 491562.

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