Simple ways to remove toxins from your home
31st August 2021
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Shrewsbury Integrative Health Practitioner, Phoebe Kidson advises on simple ways to help reduce the toxins in your home.

  • Choose natural & non-toxic cosmetics, toiletries & household cleaning products
  • Buy organic, free range & GMO-free food 
  • Have plants in your home as they help to purify the air. 
  • Filter your water
  • Avoid synthetic fragrances & air fresheners 
  • Avoid burnt or blackened food 
  • Avoid plastic packaging & plastic food storage 
  • Avoid Teflon-coated non-stick pans
  • Switch off the wifi at night 


If you would like to learn more about toxin removal or detoxification please contact Integrative Health Practitioner Phoebe Kidson who regularly runs Functional Medicine Detox programmes to help educate and improve health

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