Shropshire will writer launches free 'check-up' service
25th October 2011
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A local expert is offering residents across Shropshire the opportunity to have their last will and testament reviewed to ensure that any assets are left to the family and friends they are intended for.

Specialist will-writer Terry Le Long, who runs NLS Shropshire Ltd and is the Shropshire, Staffordshire and Mid-Wales regional chairman of professional body the Society of Will Writers (SWW), has launched a free audit service, where people from across the county can post a copy of their current will through to his dedicated office at the Shropshire Chamber of Commerce, and receive a no obligation ‘check-up’ that will highlight any areas of potential concern.

“There are so many different personal circumstances that can impact on the contents of a will, such as marriages and divorces, births of children, the passing away of a loved one, even buying or selling a house, or changing jobs,” Terry Le Long commented. “But even though some of these scenarios can occur to people on a fairly regular basis, it’s completely understandable that it might slip someone’s mind to get their will and other legal documents updated after each event.

“This is a simple, yet practical opportunity for local people to send the latest version of their will and testament through and see exactly where they stand. If everything is in order, I’ll quickly give them a ‘green light’ to reassure them that their documentation is up to date. If the will is fine at the present point in time, but may need to be looked at again in the near future, I’ll outline the important factors the person should bear in mind. And if there are any immediate concerns that could impact on the individual’s property, possessions or savings, I’ll flag them up, all at no initial cost and without any obligation.”

Surveys consistently show that more than half of people in the UK, particularly those aged in their 20s and 30s, haven’t made a will, while even those that have had a legal document drawn up can often fail to update them for years, or even decades, at a time.

For further information about the free audit service, or more general information about will-writing and estate planning, please contact Terry Le Long of NLS Shropshire Ltd on 01952 250360 or email

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