Shropshire health and safety company serves critical reminders to farmers
7th November 2012
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Sarah Mellor heads up Salopian Health & Safety Consultancy in Shropshire. She says it is critical that farmers are reminded of the risks involved with mixing and spreading slurry. Because the task is such a familiar one, farmers’ have low perceptions about the related dangers......

You may have seen in the press recently the tragic deaths of three members of one farming family in Northern Ireland, when they were overcome by slurry gas.

Review safety

Farm businesses MUST review the safety equipment that is available next to slurry tanks for use in emergencies, to ensure there are no reoccurrences of this horrific incident.

Drowning or being injured because of a fall into slurry or liquid stores on farms is a further risk associated with slurry and has resulted in many fatal injuries to children.

Simple precautions

Simple precautions, such as surrounding these areas with child deterrent fencing, gates or covers, or providing a tractor stop barrier on the scraping ramp, will control this risk on most farms.

For further guidance on controlling the risks from slurry ie: fencing dimensions, feel free to contact Salopian Health & Safety Consultancy on 01630 657084.

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