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23rd February 2012
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Shropshire-based graphic designer Carl Jones from Carl Jones Design, near Shrewsbury shares his thoughts on thinking...

Sometimes when it seems like I’m doing nothing I’m actually being productive.

As a designer, and someone who’s a director of a successful small business, one of the most important aspects of my job is ‘thinking’… It’s how I develop concepts, it’s how I make an idea work, it’s how I reach a conclusion, how a project is implemented successfully. It’s how I plan the direction of my business. It’s when I make the most important decisions.

How do I think? Well, in many ways. I go for a walk in nature. Go for a run. Go for a bike ride. Watch a film. Play with my daughters. Read a book. Flick through a magazine. Just sit on a chair or a bench.

This then leads me to write down a few notes, make some sketches. Take a photo. Put together an image board.

I’m a fan of ‘just living the moment’… Just think. Just be.

As well as thinking time, I try to take ten minutes everyday to switch off. Where I don’t think about anything. It’s not easy, I run a business and I have two daughters under four!

In my opinion, as a society we place too much emphasis on being ‘busy busy busy’. Being busy doesn’t just have to mean being stressed, or rushing around being late for appointment after appointment, or missing deadlines, or not keeping promises you’ve made.

So sometimes you may see me in a coffee shop in town, just staring into space. You may see me sitting on a bench somewhere. I may look like I’m doing nothing. But I’m being constructive. Honestly. Mulling ideas over. Putting ideas together. I need to do that on a regular basis, two or three times a week.

Take time to think, it could be be the most constructive thing you do today…

If you want to speak to Carl about any of your design needs, you can reach him on 01694 724949.

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