Shrewsbury woman appeals for support over wildlife centre raids in Thailand
17th February 2012
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A Shrewsbury woman who volunteered at a wildlife rescue centre in Thailand is calling for people to sign a petition after recent raids on the animals.

Rebecca Lowe, who works for a charitable organisation in the town, has a lifelong passion for working with and helping wildlife causes that help exploited animals.

Last year, she fulfilled one of her ambitions to live and work at a rescue centre in Thailand called Wildlife Friends Foundation Thailand (WFFT).

Different species of animals live at the centre, including elephants, bears, gibbons, macaques and civets, after being rescued from the exploits of the Thailand tourist industry, which in most cases has left the animals injured and or psychologically affected.

Now Rebecca says the WFFT appears to be being targeted by the Thai government for speaking out and raising awareness of the illegal wildlife trade and elephant poaching that is going on in Thailand. 

She said: “The Department of National Parks (DNP) received an anonymous call to say that animals at WFFT are being kept in torturous conditions and are keeping some animals there illegally. Having lived and worked there, I can guarantee that this is not the case and the truth is quite the opposite.

“The DNP officers are literally snatching the animals from the enclosures, chasing them, injuring them and frightening them. This is their idea of taking them to a ‘better place’. They are transported in tiny rusty cages without any food or water. These same officers are being threatening and abusive towards the volunteers and staff at WFFT and need to be stopped.

“I would be so grateful if people could please join me in petitioning against the devastation the DNP are causing and have these animals safely returned to the WFFT.”

If anyone would like to sign the petition,which takes a few moments they can log on to this address:

You can read more about the incident via National Geographic’s Newswatch theand follow the WFFT on Facebook.

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