Shrewsbury will writer urges people to protect wills
19th June 2013
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A Shropshire will writer based in Shrewsbury and Telford urges people to protect wills from damage or loss to ensure wishes are met.‏

People should store their wills safely away from their home to avoid them being lost or destroyed by fire in a bid to ensure final wishes are met, a Shropshire expert said today.

Terry Le Long, who runs NLS Shropshire Will & Trust Services Ltd in Telford said it was vitally important that the documents were kept in proper storage so the loved ones instruction immediately after the death were followed.

Damaged and Lost Wills

He said: “I have dealt with a number of cases where wills have been unfortunately destroyed during a fire at a property with no chance of recovering them.

“On other occasions a will has been thrown out with other paperwork when it was being sorted.

“Often after a death family members never find a will because they do not realise where it is being kept.”

Document Safekeeping Service

Mr Le Long’s company based at Trevithick House on Stafford Park offers a service storing wills, as well as other documents such as house deeds and insurance papers, in a fire and waterproof safe.

Executors are then sent a laminated certificate which includes all the details about who to contact in the event of a death.

Mr Le Long said: “Storing such an important document as a will is something that people should take seriously.

“Losing a loved one is a traumatic time and not being able to find a will at that time can add extra stresses to bereaved relatives.

“Storage gives people the peace of mind that they've done the will and most importantly it will be found and acted upon and their loved ones will be supported through the process.”
He said storing a will with a company such as his also ensured that families did not see the document under any circumstances until after the person who wrote it had died.

Easier Process

Mr Le Long, who is chairman of the Society of Will Writers for Shropshire, Staffordshire and Mid Wales, said: “At NLS Shropshire Will & Trust Services Ltd we do our best to make will writing a much easier process.
“We can also help the executors of the will and the family with aspects such as probate.

Free Amendments

“If people want to make changes to their wills then we can offer free codicils. This means that they do not face extra costs if they want to adjust their will and don’t leave it until it is too late.”

For more information on the services that NLS Shropshire Will & Trust Services Ltd offers ring Mr Le Long and his team on 0333 121 4360.

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