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14th October 2011
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If you work for someone else, you may be enjoying one or more Employee Benefit schemes.  From private healthcare to company pension, the advantage to the employee is hopefully obvious but it can also be advantageous for the employer.  An Employee Benefit scheme encourages staff loyalty, improves staff retention and can also be used for rewarding members who reach a specific milestone... length of service, hitting a sales target or promotion to a particular grade, etc.

Typically, Employee Benefits have been restricted to the aforementioned areas as well as Cars and Life Assurance.  However, Shrewsbury based Deedsafe Wills & Legal Services can offer Wills and Estate Planning as an Employee Benefit.

This scheme can take a number of forms to suit most employers’ needs or budgets.  As an employer, you could choose from:


1. Paying all the cost of the employee’s Estate Planning products

2. Paying up to a maximum amount for the employee’s Estate Planning products and the employee paying the remainder 

3. Bearing no cost but arranging for Deedsafe to hold Will Clinics and/or Will Seminars for their employees


Any amount paid by the employer is fully tax deductable and the amount paid by the employee, if paid by salary sacrifice, may represent a saving on Tax and National Insurance for both employer and employee.

The list is not all Deedsafe has to offer local businesses and workers.  Indeed, their Will Writing Employee Benefit scheme is flexible enough to include features from all of these examples.  An employer could even choose different levels of the scheme for different grades of employees.

Deedsafe Wills & Legal Services are full members of the Institute of Professional Willwriters and offer a home visit service advising on Estate Planning matters no matter how large or complicated your estate may be.

For further information, please contact Peter Savage on 0800 781 9371.

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