Shrewsbury supplier provides the facts about Fast Drying Liquid Screed
2nd June 2016
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Easyflow Ltd are proud to be one of the few approved installers of Tarmac's Topflow Screed C Belitex.

What is Topflow Screed C Belitex?

Topflow Screed C is a pump applied cement based liquid floor screed that can be laid quickly, trafficked after just 24-48 hours and dries within 14-21 days. This free flowing screed is suitable for most applications including underfloor heating and wet environments.

Why choose Topflow Screed C Belitex?

There are a number of benefits to choosing Topflow Screed C.

  1. It is suitable for both residential and commercial floors.

  2. It is more conductive than sand cement screed.

  3. It is self-curing and self-compacting.

  4. It can be laid thinner than most sand cement systems and still retains its strength. We usually lay it between 30mm and 50mm.

  5. There is no need for force drying.

  6. It is ready to receive floor coverings within 14 to 21 days after laying, dependant on environment.

  7. It can be laid as a floating construction over most types of rigid insulation and acoustic matting.

  8. Up to 120sqm can easily be installed and finished per hour.

  9. Low shrinkage means less construction joints than sand cement screeds.

  10. It is non-combustible and avoids the need for reinforcement.

Topflow Screed C Belitex should only be installed by trained contractors who have invested in the necessary equipment to install the product correctly.

Easyflow Ltd carries out all types of projects across the UK. Call us today on 01743 343000 for more information and a free quote.

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