Shrewsbury solicitor discusses National Family Dispute Resolution week
13th November 2014
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It’s National Family Dispute Resolution Week in November, which highlights the serious challenges that families face when relationships break down.

We have all heard stories from friends, or watched the scenes on television dramas, when a once loving couple end up arguing in court over everything they used to share.

Arguments over property and possessions are difficult but it gets really heartbreaking when children are involved.

Ending a relationship is never easy, but there is another way of dealing with the legal aspects of things which aims to make the process less stressful and more constructive. 

The Shropshire Collaborative Lawyers group is a collection of like-minded, specially trained family solicitors who specialise in what’s known as the “collaborative” model of law.

Collaborative law is a civilised, non-adversarial and empowering process which helps couples to resolve family and financial issues by agreement rather than going to court. 

Clients who take this collaborative approach are much more involved and in control of the process which is tailor made by them, to meet their specific aims and needs.

Mutual respect and consideration are maintained, which gives major benefits to children especially, through co-operative joint parenting, and court proceedings are avoided altogether.

Instead of going to court, we sit down with both parties in a series of four-way meetings and encourage constructive dialogue within a clear set of legal guidelines.

The pain of resolving family breakdown is minimised and costs are about half that of formal financial proceedings. 

An important part of collaboration is that lawyers for both parties must use the approach, so if one party uses a non-collaboratively trained solicitor the process is closed to the couple.

We established the Shropshire Collaborative Lawyers group to help couples and give them the best chance to use the collaborative route. 

The group brings together collaboratively trained lawyers from different law firms across Shropshire who work together to promote the model.

I have worked on a number of cases and they are innovative, constructive and can be highly effective. Clients have come away still able to be friends with their ex-partner and gone on to be good, communicative co-parents to their children.

For more information, give me a call at Lanyon Bowdler Solicitors on 01743 280252 or email

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