Shrewsbury recruitment specialist disccuses technology and your team’s productivity
2nd November 2015
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There is no denying that social media is all around us and here to stay. 

It occurs in all aspects of our lives, including the office. Social media is thought to be becoming more addictive, with people needing to know what’s going on throughout the day, inducing a fear of missing out, and this is proving to be a major distraction. This distraction can naturally see a decrease in productivity in the workplace. 

So what can you do to ensure that your employees don’t get too distracted by online media, and remain productive? Below are a just a few tips. For more, follow the links at the end of the blog post:

  • Block certain websites which are not work focussed
  • Enforce quiet hours where no technology (or very little) is used
  • Keep employees busy. Boredom results in wasted time on social media. Employees who have a lot on their plate for the day will likely spend less time on Twitter and more time completing the tasks they should be doing.
  • Be more visible to employees. This doesn’t necessarily mean hovering over employees’ shoulders or micro managing but spending more time on the office floor can help deter time-wasting activities.

So how about technology in regards to helping with your productivity within the workplace? Keeping your databases, IT systems and social media up to date are all so important. Not only will this help you do yours and the workforce’s job easier as you will have all the latest versions available at your fingertips which helps with usability, compatibility and security, but it will also have a positive effect on customers who use your business. Constant and effective training of systems can increase efficiency, create smoother processes and keep you ahead of the competition and ensure everyone is up to speed with how to use the tools at their disposal.

Although we discussed the negative aspects of Social media above, Social media can provide a basis in which to communicate in real time to consumers and advertise your company quickly and effectively and it’s a great way to engage with various people – not to mention it is a long term and very cost effective tool to use as long as it’s used properly!

In recent light of the TalkTalk data breach, ensuring your business has a sufficient, reliable and defendable security system in place is also paramount. Make sure you invest in having a good IT provider and all your security software is up to date. If a breach was to occur, this can slow down processes such as running payroll, ordering systems and telecoms, which in turn will decrease productivity, be very costly to your business and can also affect your reputation (even if you did everything correctly to protect data) and in turn potentially scare off customers. The knock on affect of having data stolen can also be catastrophic so it’s vitally important to ensure everything is secure.

The use of technology is unavoidable and is a great tool to make sure your business is running as efficiently as it can be – we rely on it so much in every day life.

However, communication, taking breaks and ensuring the latest systems used are up to date can also help reduce stress and procrastination with your workforce. All of this in combination will help to ensure team productivity isn’t compromised and your customers remain happy. ‘You’re only as good as your tools’

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