Shrewsbury MP Daniel Kawczynski supports local film maker
3rd September 2014
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Daniel Kawczynski is supporting local filmmaker Tom Henshaw in his campaign to raise funds for an inspiring feature-length documentary on cycling.  He is appealing to his constituents to also support the initiative by visiting the fundraising site darkhorsesfilm.

Tom Henshaw, who lives at Lea Cross in Shrewsbury, has joined forces with fellow filmmakers Lawrence Good, Tom Worrall and Ali Webb to make a feature-length documentary which may change the way in which disabled people are perceived. The Paralympics already challenges stereotypes, but this film is being made to show the world that it isn't just the elite athletes of the disabled world that can inspire others through their courageous acts.

The film will be called ‘Dark Horses’ and documents a group of individuals with disabilities including MS and Parkinson’s disease, who have found their freedom and independence through cycling. Getting on a bike has allowed them to defeat the idea that their diagnosis is the sum of who they are. It allows them to thrive, not just survive.

The Coast to Coast cycle is the largest ride that the group of disabled cyclists embark on and is organised by the charity EMpowered People.  The group travel an incredible 143 miles between the two coasts of northern England. This is a big task for the riders, but is also a challenge for a filmmaker who will follow the cyclists on their journey.

Daniel Kawczynski said:

“Tom has been campaigning for the funds to enable the team of filmmakers to capture the event at its best.  He has raised nearly £2,000 already and requires a further £6,000.  I am urging people to support these talented individuals through the well-known website ‘Kickstarter’. The site acts as a platform for creators to 'crowd-fund' their projects by asking the public to collectively pledge various amounts of money to help the project happen.

In return, the public can receive 'rewards’ for putting certain amounts of money towards the project. For Dark Horses, if someone pledges £10 they will receive a HD digital copy of the film once it's finished. The rewards increase the more money pledged, right from DVD's, cycling jerseys and special credits in the film to actually receiving an electric bicycle.

However, if the Kickstarter funding goal isn't reached in a 20-day time frame, none of the money goes to the project and all of the people who have pledged money are then refunded. This means the campaign is quite literally an 'all or nothing' affair.

I believe that the film has the potential to inspire people of all abilities to get up and achieve more than anyone expects, so please visit the Kickstarter page (, watch the video, pledge whatever you can and be a part of bringing this film to life.” 

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