Shrewsbury marketing blog: who's answering your phone?
8th February 2012
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Welcome to the first of thebestof's regular marketing blogs, packed with top tips to marketing success!


If you're not a Shrewsbury business owner or interested in marketing, I guess you'll probably stop reading now. I won't take it personally. But if you are a fan of all things promotional and local, this will be a weekly Wednesday column from now on.


Printed business newsletter coming to Shrewsbury


Soon we will also be launching a printed marketing newsletter for all bestof Shrewsbury business members. If you're not a client but would like to be added to the mailing list, please email me your contact details.


Who's manning your phone?


Right, so what's the first topic? Strangely, I'm going to assume that your marketing is already working for you. You've got a well-designed ad running in local paper, an engaging facebook page, a Google AdWords campaign and a feature on thebestof Shrewsbury website of course.... My question is, what happens when people call your number? People who know me through Shrewsbury networking events know where I'm going.


Have a think about it. If no one's around, does your phone trip through to a standard BT or Orange greeting? Or, like some businesses, has voicemail not even been enabled?


Either way it leaves a pretty poor first impression. Not bothering to record a personal greeting or have voicemail in the first place is enough to make many people call one of your competitors.


We can't be expected to answer our phones 24/7, no. But there are a growing number of call answering services that will answer on your behalf during normal-ish hours. Call answering is going to be a huge business in 2012. Very handy if you're at meetings or have popped out for a doughnut. You divert your phone to a real live person who takes a message then emails you the details. Easy peasy lemon squeezy.


Call answering must be expensive


"But what's wrong with my phone's built-in voicemail?" you cry.


Around 80% of people don't leave messages, that's what's wrong.


Turn it back to you - do you always leave a message?


Call answering services vary in price and often tie you into a set package. I opted for a Pay As You Go service.


Click here for further information on No Missed Calls, who I use and recommend.


£1 a message - well worth the price.


Next week I'll get back to Marketing. But there's no point spending money on marketing if the follow-up processes to handle enquiries aren't in place.


Until next time.

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