Shrewsbury loves - October 24th 2008
24th October 2008
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Another day of paperwork.... It's a glam business, you know. I do love it though. What other job sees you chatting with a beauty therapist one minute and an undertaker the next?! It's only all the form-filling that's a drag.

If you yourself are getting stressed, have you considered a massage? One of my new clients is Jen Hawkins of Revive Aromatherapy. She's got a massage suite in The Parade. Or if being hunched over your desk is actually causing physical problems, you need Dr Jon Sharp at the Shrewsbury Chiropractic Clinic!

Also, I'm a bit nervous / excited about tomorrow.... I'm going to a Brazilian Ju Jitsu training session with Royce Gracie. This man is a legend and my groundwork isn't up to much. Should be an interesting day. Wonder if I'll get any one-on-one time with him? Although that could result in the quickest defeat since my little brother called Mike Tyson a big girl's blouse.

Finally, would you like to win £5,000 to spend with any businesses featured on thebestof network? All you have to do is leave your details and recommend a great local business through the special online form here - The competition is running till December 20th 2008. As you know, thebestof promotes businesses that have been recommended by you - but we always offer an incentive, and £5k is quite an incentive!

Hope you have a good weekend,


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