Shrewsbury loves - October 15th 2008
15th October 2008
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Man, what lovely weather we're having. At a breakfast meeting this morning. Dark. Cold. Rain. Super.

But then I took shelter afterwards in Pengwern Books and they were kind enough to order a biography I've been after. Great service as ever and they know a lot about books, which you probably wouldn't get in WH Smiths.... Susan and the team at Pengwern are always happy to help and today even welcomed in a drowned rat. Trust it to be the one day I actually put my nice suit on.

Wednesday afternoons I try and have non-work time with Emma as my folks come round and look after our daughter. So we went to the cinema and saw Tropic Thunder. Bit hit and miss, I thought, but Tom Cruise was excellent as well as unrecognisable. Funny how quiet the cinema is in the daytime when the kids are at school, but perfect if you're a bit of a Victor Meldrew like me. Then on the way home, Emma pointed out that we'd actually spent our quality time together in a dark room not talking to each other. Maybe I should take her to a restaurant next week....

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