Shrewsbury Family Chiropractic offers more to keep you well
31st January 2013
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Having a passion for inspiring people into getting healthy and staying healthy, Dr Glenn Fredericksen from Shrewsbury Family Chiropractic offers more than just a and Chiropractic adjustment to your spine.

Dr Fredericksen says: “We have many supportive products to help people our members get the most out of their Chiropractic care, from Fish oils and supplements to monthly guides to help make the best health choices.

"Our members find these other benefits from our office are just as important as the Chiropractic care itself in helping them to maintain their great health.”

One of the great added benefits for members of Shrewsbury Family Chiropractic is the Complete Lifestyle programme designed by Dr Debbie Saxton a Chiropractor from Harrogate in Yorkshire.

Complete Lifestyle is a monthly guide that will help you to make the best decisions you can for improving your health.

Through the guides Debbie teaches you to steer a true path through the minefield of health information that is now out there. Your body is programmed to be well, fit and healthy.

If this is not how you feel, it is because your body is being forced to adapt to lifestyle stressors you are placing on it.

These stressors occur in how we Eat, Move and Think or to put it another way, the Physical, Chemical or Emotional issues in your life. Toxicity and deficiency in these key areas are at the root of many chronic illnesses.

But the great news is that because you cause your own chronic illness (through lifestyle stressors) you can also correct it! Like Dr Fredericksen at Shrewsbury Family Chiropractic, Dr Saxton is a inspired Chiropractor that loves to get people well and keep them well.

Dr Saxton Sums up the complete Lifestyle by asking:

Do you believe you are well if you don’t have a pain? Then if you do get a pain or a symptom from your body how do you respond? I am guessing like 90% of the population you would choose drugs to suppress the symptom.

BUT what do you honestly expect to happen when you spend your life ignoring the warning flags your body is trying to flag up to you?

If your car had a warning light flashing at you would you pay attention to it and sort out the problem or would you cover the light in masking tape and continue to drive around as if nothing was wrong?

Our bodies are the most amazing machine on this planet; they are fine tuned to respond to everything they could encounter in the natural world.

However they are not programmed to respond to the artificial, chemical, toxic environment we now exist in. If we can educate ourselves to know what we can and cannot deal with we will have a chance at a happy, healthy, illness free life. The Complete Lifestyle programme is a guided tour into improved health.

The Complete Lifestyle guides are available from Shrewsbury Family Chiropractic in a number of formats including online and postal memberships.

For more information you can contact Dr Fredericksen at Shrewsbury Family Chiropractic on 01743 493091.

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