Shrewsbury domestic cleaning expert shares 5 unusual tips.
9th February 2015
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At Mrs Mopp clients, and social media followers, are always asking us; ‘what is the best way to clean this’, or ‘how do I sparkle that?’ – and we are always happy to help come up with a solution. We love spending our time researching and testing cleaning tips, old wives’ tales and baking soda folk law to come up with the best and most cost efficient cleaning tips for our clients and followers.

On our cleaning tip mission we have come across one or two cleaning tips that have made us say reaaalllly? And here for your cleaning-tip-curiosity, are 5 of our most weird and wonderful… 

1.  Another use for vodka, other than having a party, is using a dab of it on a soft, clean cloth to bring porcelain, chrome or glass to a high shine… or, alternatively, you could drink said vodka and not notice how grubby everything is. Your call.

2.  Remove mineral stains from glass and chrome, built up by dishwashers or hard water areas, by rubbing with the fresh peel of potato skins and buff with a soft cloth.

3.  Use diluted lemon juice, 2:1 ratio, direct on to a curry stain, on a carpet or fibre rug, to remove the stain along with freshening the fabric.

4.  Make your brass or copper items shine brightly, by rubbing then with a cotton-wool swab that has been dipped in ketchup, then buff with a clean, dry,s soft cloth.

5.  Remove rust from items by popping the kettle on (no, not for you I’m afraid). Strong black tea, after cooling, will strip the rust away. Place the rusty item in the tea from an hour to overnight, depending on the level of rust.

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