Shrewsbury dog trainer works with dog for autistic child
21st June 2016
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In addition to my usual pet dog training service in Shrewsbury I have just commenced training with a 12 month old mini Labradoodle called Kiki who is an assistance dog for a 6 year old autistic boy called Oliver.

Much of the dog training will take place in and around Shrewsbury and various local businesses are getting involved by giving me permission to train on their premises. This includes the Charles Darwin and Pride Hill Centres.


I will be getting Kiki used to the town centre environment including shops, lifts, stairs, busy car parks, shopping trolleys, cafes, etc. She will then accompany Oliver and his family giving him the confidence to go to places that, because of his condition, he finds daunting. She will also provide a calming influence around the home.

They have had Kiki since she was a puppy and Oliver has already formed at attachment to her and has become more communicative as a result. 

I was consulted and involved with Kiki's puppy training and now it is time to progress her training with a view to her being a qualified assistance assistance dog. This will mean she will be able to accompany Oliver to places where dogs are not normally allowed.

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