Shrewsbury CV writing expert discusses how to have a successful Skype interview
13th July 2015
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Skype interviews are becoming more and more common within the interview process, mainly due to relocation of candidates and the lack of time of HR departments.

Essentially it is becoming the new telephone interview with the added bonus of being able to see the candidate. As this is quite a new process for candidates, most are unaware of the protocol that comes along with it and how similar this is to a normal face to face interview. Here are a few things to remember: 

One of the key things to do for a Skype interview is to prepare for it as you would a face to face interview. Complete your research fully as the interviewer will expect you to have done the same amount of preparation as that of a face to face. So research the company’s website, check out their social media presence (this can give a great insight into what their company culture is like and if they fundraise etc.) and also Google them, this will normally bring up any news articles about them. By doing research, it will prompt you in which questions you will want to ask the interviewer at the end, and will also highlight some areas which they may question you about. If you are new to Skype, then make sure you familiarise yourself with the program and its functions, especially if they ask you to adjust something during the interview. You may want to do some test runs with a friend to ensure that it is working properly, your image is clear and your microphone is working.

Set the Stage
Even though you will be at home, you will still need to set the scene for your interview. If possible, move your computer to an area which has  a plain backdrop, this will ensure the interviewer remains focused on you and not on the bookcase/washing/ pictures shown behind you. Make sure you dress as you would for a face to face interview – from head to toe. Your performance may be affected if you leave pyjama bottoms or joggers on, and, comfy as they may be, it may well jeopardize the whole process if for some reason you have to stand up.

During the Interview
Always make sure that you’re logged into Skype and ready before the interview time, treat this the same as the waiting period if you were completing a face to face in their offices. The only real difference between the Skype interview and the face to face interview is that you have a computer between you, everything else is the same. The interviewer will be looking at your body language, how you answer the questions and whether you are a good listener. The main thing to remember is to keep good eye contact; this can only be done by looking into the camera. If you look at them directly, it will appear as if you are looking down continuously.

At the End
Ensure you ask any questions that you noted down during your interview preparation but only if they are relevant and not something they have already answered previously in the interview. Once these questions have been answered, ask what the next steps will be, it could be that they only needed the Skype interview to assess suitability or they may need to do a brief face to face interview. They will also inform you of how long the process will be and when to expect to hear from them next. Remember to thank the interviewer for their time and allow them to end the Skype call, if you end it, it could give the interviewer the wrong impression of you and you may seem too eager to finish the interview.
The key thing to remember with Skype interviews is to treat it the exact same as a face to face interview and use all the same principles and remember to look into the camera and not the screen.

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