Shrewsbury consultancy warns businesses not to cut health and safety corners
21st December 2011
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Businesses across Shropshire are being urged not to use the current
economic slump as reason to avoid or cut back on important health and safety

Shrewsbury based consultancy Building Trust in Safety Ltd points to the
latest official figures from the Health and Safety Executive, which show a
16% increase in the number of deaths caused by accidents in the workplace during 2010/11 than in the previous year, as evidence that some hard-up
firms are prepared to scale back on the necessary preventative measures and
policies in order to save money.

Ruth Ross, Managing Director of Building Trust in Safety Ltd, said: "Given the challenging economic climate, there is a danger that health and
safety could be seen as an area where corners can be cut to reduce
expenditure, but the consequences of doing so are catastrophic.

"As well as the human cost of accidents in the workplace, ranging from minor incidents and time off work, right the way through to serious injuries and fatalities, there are also the wider financial and reputational implications to bear in mind.

"This could include being forced to pay compensation, increased insurance
premiums, the threat of stiff fines being imposed, and even the risk of
criminal prosecution - the HSE will not accept any case of non-compliance
with health and safety regulations, even during such a tough economic

Ruth revealed that more than 22 million working days across the UK were lost in the last year due to work-related illness, with a further 4.4 million
days lost to workplace injury, costing the nation's economy billions of
pounds in both lost productivity and sickness payments.

She added: "Companies need to realise that managing health and safety effectively and proactively actually makes good business sense.

"Not only does a safe workplace make commercial sense, as the cost of preventing an accident is usually substantially less than the cost which would be incurred when one has already happened, but when staff feel well-protected and well-trained at work, they feel more of a part of the business, which leads to better productivity, reduced sickness absence, and greater loyalty."

Building Trust in Safety Ltd was launched in 1999 and is now one of the most
respected health and safety consultancies in the UK, with a head office in
Shrewsbury, Shropshire, and a network of experienced consultants operating
across Derbyshire, Leicestershire, Lancashire and the North West of England.

Offering a comprehensive and practical solution to all health and safety
needs across all industry sectors, Building Trust in Safety's team of
dedicated specialists provides an extensive range of services, enabling
businesses to flourish without fear.

For further information please call a member of the dedicated team on 01939
200 221, email or visit

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