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12th July 2012
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Alan Adams of Horizons Consultants is a Shrewsbury based business coach. He recently went to a local networking event and, boy, was he glad as the guest speaker was rather special....

There just happened to have an inspirational speaker called Blind Dave. As you might guess, he's called Dave and is blind.... He was brilliant; Dave shot to fame when he ran seven marathons in seven continents in seven days.

Now, Dave is of course an amazing guy, just to have the mental strength and determination to do something like that is incredible, even for a sighted person. Dave shared memories he had of the experience on each of the continents.

However, what really stuck in my mind was when he started talking about his family, particularly the crucial role his wife played in supporting him in so many different ways to get these adventures organised.

Dave then talked about the nutritionist, the physio, his guide runners, the people who organised the logistics, and he made a very poignant point - yes, he had achieved some amazing things, but only with the help and support of a lot of specialists.

It all started with him making a decision that he was going to do this, then it all got moving when he was humble and courageous enough to reach out and ask people, “How do I do this?”

It’s probably something we’re all guilty of at some point, but all of the top achievers in the world have done it with help, no-one makes it on their own.

Take a look at this great video of Blind Dave CLICK HERE.

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