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21st September 2012
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I see many many different salons offering individual lashes, and many clients who have had several different types applied. At Ciao Bella, my main aim is to provide clients withthe best advice, information and service. 

On average there are approximately 120 lashes on each eye, all at different stages of their life cycle.

From beginning to end, the life of each lash is roughly 120 days. They will naturally shed at the end of this life without the loss being noticed.

It is only when the lashes have been subject to stress such as picking, pulling or badly applied enhancements that any premature loss is noticeable.

Confusion over the term ‘individual lashes’ and the length of time these are suitable to be worn for has caused premature lash loss for some ladies, many will have their lashes grow back within around 4 months but for some it can mean permanent loss.

I will explain the different types of lash enhancement and the recommendations that apply to them.

Strip Lashes:

Most of us are familiar with these. A strip of lashes that is applied to the eyelid along the lash line.

These can be bought from many places such as supermarkets, chemists and clothing stores.

They are designed to be worn for a day/night. I have seen missing lashes caused by careless removal of these and continuous wear, particularly if the strips are heavy and applied directly to the natural lashes.

Otherwise they are a cheap option for lashes for a night out! Expect to pay: £1 up to £10 from a store, an additional £5-£10 to have them applied by a beautician.

Flare Lashes:

Also known as clusters, weekend or individual lashes. These consist of a bulb with up to 10 lashes stuck together in a sort of fan shape.

These should be applied along the lash line, nestled amongst the natural lashes using an adhesive that is designed specifically for them.

They give a similar look to strip lashes depending how many are used, but look more natural and tend to stay in place better. These are designed to be worn for 2-3 days. I’ve seen clients who have had these lashes on for 2-3 weeks.

They had been applied with either too much adhesive or with an adhesive designed for semi permanent lashes or by having too many applied. 

These can all cause premature lash loss and can be very uncomfortable on the eyes. However if applied properly and removed within the recommended time (if they haven’t fallen out by themselves) these can be a great option for a full day and nights wear or a weekend away.

They are what I personally wear as I am unable to apply the semi permanent lashes on myself, however if I could then I would have them… Expect to pay: £10-£25 at a salon or around £6/£7 to buy do-it-yourself from the chemist.

Semi-permanent Lashes:

These are ‘true’ individual lashes. The technician will isolate a single natural lash and apply a single synthetic lash to it.

These synthetic lashes come in many lengths, thicknesses, curls and colours and are applied using a much stronger adhesive than would be used for other lash enhancements.

These lashes will remain on each natural lash for the length of its remaining life when they will shed to make way for new lashes growing through. Applied properly, maintained regularly and with good aftercare by the wearer, these lashes cause no damage to the natural lashes and can be worn indefinitely.

I apply around 65 of these lashes per eye to create a standard set and have sourced a superior adhesive which I believe to be the best on the market.

Problems can occur with these lashes if they are applied badly ie lashes not isolated properly, too heavy or too long lashes applied putting stress on the natural lash and picking by the client. Applies properly these are the best option both in terms of the health of the natural lash, finished look and often is the most cost effective long term.

Expect to pay: £30-£120 per set, price difference reflects location, technicians skill, quality of products and the amount of lashes applied which can vary from 20 per eye to 90 or more per eye.

Maintenance appointments seem to be roughly £20-30 per fortnight depending on how well the lashes have been cared for as badly looked after lashes need longer appointments. Castor oil massaged into lashes and brows is excellent to encourage growth!

For more information on lashes or any beauty treatment advice, call Ciao Bella on 07793 824100

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