Shrewsbury web designer shares tips to improve your website
28th September 2012
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Is your website not creating the results you'd hoped for? Is it not quite the professional business tool you wanted it to be? Here are 5 tips to help improve your website from Joel Stone of Salop Creative:

1. Page layout

Think about your page layout. Most professionally designed websites follow a 2, 3 or 4 column format. The most common way of populating this format is to have navigation on the left hand side and text on the right. Take a look at the elements you need to include. Is your website format doing your content justice?

2. Easy to use navigation

A simple text based menu system is the best way for your users to navigate your website. Over complicated graphics or too many clicks is bad for usability and bad for search engines too.

3. Use standard fonts

People will come to your website from various web browsers. If you want your website to look consistent and professional use fonts that are web safe and compatible with all browsers.

4. Keep your colours to a minimum 

2 or 3 colours for the branding of your website. Choose colours that work well together and fit with your branding. Simple websites are the most effective. A clear and uncluttered website will be the most user friendly.

5. Keep your graphics and images small

Make sure your images are low resolution and a small file size for the web. This will ensure your website loads quickly and images download fast. Combining the above tips to tweak your websites layout should result in a more effective business website. Above all else, simplicity is key. A less is more approach ensures that your website isn't cluttered and putting people off.

For more information on websites, give Salop Creative a call on 01743 493077

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