Salop Leisure urges touring caravan owners to join campaign for courtesy
2nd March 2017
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An award-wining Shropshire-based caravan, motorhome and campervan dealership is launching a campaign for courteous towing of caravans.

Instead of causing queues, Salop Leisure is encouraging touring caravan owners to pull off the road where safe to do so to allow following drivers to pass.
“Touring caravans give years of enjoyment to their owners, but we do hear occasional criticism about them holding up traffic on the country roads,” said Tony Bywater, Salop Leisure’s chairman. “Throughout 2017, we shall be encouraging all our touring caravan customers to be aware of other road users and to be courteous at all times.
“If they see a build-up of traffic behind the touring caravan they are towing, we suggest that they find the nearest layby to pull over safely to let the vehicles pass. That way everybody can carry on their journey safely with minimal hold up.”
Courteousness is close to the company’s heart in everything it does. The National Campaign for Courtesy has recognised Mr Bywater, receptionist Jean Courtney and the company for providing exceptional courtesy and customer service.
Salop Leisure has also donated a cup to the campaign, which is awarded annually to most courteous town in the UK.
The company provides basic instruction on how to tow and reverse a touring caravan before new owners set off on a journey. Many take the opportunity to stay overnight on the company’s touring caravan park, located alongside the sales centre, to get acquainted with their purchase before heading out on the road.

They must ensure that a caravan’s loaded weight is no more than 85 per cent of the car’s kerb weight. Drivers who obtained a car driving licence before January 1, 1997 are entitled to drive a vehicle and trailer combination of up to 8,250 kg MAM (Maximum Authorised Mass). When a driver reaches his or her 70th birthday, new rules apply if they would like to keep towing.
Drivers who obtained their licence after January 1997 can drive a vehicle up to 3,500 kg, and tow a trailer up to 750 kg. An additional driving test is needed to tow a heavier caravan.
Salop Leisure has a few general on-the-road towing tips for touring caravan owners:

Give yourself more time and space for everything. Brake earlier than normal and accelerate more slowly.

Take corners more widely so your caravan or trailer wheels don’t mount the kerb.

Remember speed limits: 50mph on single lane highways and 60mph on dial carriageways.

You can’t use the fast lane of a three-lane motorway unless instructed to do so.

Don’t let passengers or pets travel in the caravan.

Snaking and pitching a lateral or vertical movement of the trailer or caravan which can affect the stability of the car is less likely with well-matched vehicles. If your caravan or trailer starts to sway keep driving in a straight line and avoid the instinct to brake. Take your feet off the pedals and let the car slow smoothly and naturally.

Remember it takes longer to get going and longer to stop, so allow yourself a bigger gap when pulling out and leave more distance between yourself and the vehicle in front. Slow earlier for junctions and roundabouts.

Take extra care when you're going downhill or around tight bends. Slow down and engage a lower gear to give you more engine braking.

There pull-out areas are provided, pull off the road to allow traffic building up behind you to overtake. If there is a long queue of traffic behind, you’ll earn plenty of kudos.

If travelling in a convoy, always allow enough space between each rig so that they can be passed safely, one at a time.

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