Red CV Writing discusses securing more interviews with an achievement focussed CV
11th March 2016
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Most people are aware that a CV needs to well presented and formatted correctly to enable a quick review for time-restricted readers.

What they perhaps don’t realise is that a CV focused on actual, quantifiable achievements is the key to securing interviews. A CV which has a strong professional summary, highlights key skills and details duties and responsibilities as well as educational accomplishments is good, but a CV with added achievements is great.

It’s all very well producing a well written, error free, well formatted, professional document but you need to add substance. It is easy to say what your role involves, what you’re good at and where your experience lies but if you add specific achievements, you are backing up information with facts and figures, and facts and figures impress hiring managers.

Instead of writing ‘Generated revenue’, write’ ‘Generated £50K in additional revenue through the introduction of additional marketing channels’. Instead of writing ‘Increased sales’, write ‘Increased sales by 30% within three months’. If you are not in a role, where you can quantify achievements, perhaps you can say things like ‘Increased office efficiency through the development and implementation of an automated email response system’, or ‘Increased staff retention (or ‘reduced staff turnover’) through revising and improving the induction and training process’. Think about your role, think about what you have done to add value and how you have made a difference. Your role and responsibilities may not be unique but your achievements will be and that will instantly make your CV stand out from the rest.

Here is a list of some other useful phrases:

  • Exceeded targets by 25% through effective business development activities and client relationship management;
  • Reduced annual purchasing costs by £40K through supplier negotiation;
  • Key member of team ranked number one out of 35 stores;
  • Exceeded production quota by 18%;
  • Consistently exceeded customer expectations and achieved 100% in customer satisfaction surveys;
  • Increased staff productivity by 10% by introducing stand up desks;
  • Increased website traffic by 35% through effective content marketing;
  • Enhanced brand awareness through the delivery of effective online and offline marketing campaigns;
  • Consistently delivered multiple complex projects within time and budget constraints.

You can also quantify other areas of your CV to add impact, for example, the number of people you managed, the number of client accounts you were responsible for, the geographical area you covered, the budget you were responsible for etc.

If you have little or no work experience, you can list personal achievements, which may include sporting accomplishments, challenges completed, events organised etc. Add voluntary roles, professional memberships and fundraising activities (including the amount of money raised).

When writing your CV, think about where you can add quantifiable achievements and key accomplishments. By adding this additional information, you significantly increase your chances of securing an interview.
About the Author:

Meg Murphy is a seasoned recruiter and an experienced CV/Resume/LinkedIn Profile Writer, the founder ofRed CV Writing and co-founder and director of Red Recruitment Solutions Ltd. She is skilled in creating professional tailored documents for people across a range of sectors and countries, looking to enhance their careers.

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